Plastic sheets, roof lights, frp panels

FILON flat rolls

FILON flat rolls are also widely used, by sandwich panel producers, as bottom cladding panel, where the panel is applied in aggressive environments like breeding farm or agriculture.

In this case, the laminate is produced in rolls (up to 1500m long), and is directly supplied to the sandwich

panels producers with cardboard cores, of various diameters, to enable the laminate decoiling directly inside the production plant. Laminate is extremely heat-resistant, this allow to apply the polyurethane foam directly on it.

Either PUR or PIR foams can be applied.

The laminate can also be produced in sheets for discontinuous application on different types of insulation, such as stone wool or polystyrene.

To facilitate surface adhesion, the material can be produced with a special treatment to create specific surface tension on the treated area. The treatment facilitates PRFV adhesion with any type of or polyurethane foam or adhesive.

The laminates can be produced in the standard version or with Gel-Coat surface protection.