Plastic sheets, roof lights, frp panels


Magniplast is the largest European producer of flat and corrugated fiberglass rolls up to 4 meters wide. Such dimensions are possible thanks to our internally developed technology.

The roll is the best-selling product in worldwide construction resale, and Magniplast's VETROPLAST brand is a symbol of PRESTIGIOUS ITALIAN QUALITY.

Magniplast is globally renowned as an exporter of fiberglass rolls!

Every day our customers appreciate the lightness, versatility and colors of our products.

Magniplast products are created with these characteristics from the get-go. To make them even more versatile, we offer special cuts and ad hoc packaging.

Recommended products

This is the world's most sold product. Its quality has evolved over time and it has distinguished thanks to Nylon thread presence. It is available in flat or corrugated rolls.