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TOPACO opaque sheets - Breeding Farm

We are talking about a GRP straight sheet, fully opaque. It is obtained with an high temperature production process that gives high structural durability.

TOPACO has zero light transmission and is suitable for coverings and claddings. It provides durability, color and resistance to chemical agents, as well as creating an optimum aesthetic effect. Light and easy to install, it is the best product for these applications.


  • TOPACO sheet is a great alternative to traditional coverings. It is resistant and so light that it does not weigh down on the bearing structures.
  • It is available in many Magniplast profiles, thicknesses, colors and sizes up to the transportable maximum.
  • It can withstand temperatures from – 40°C to + 120°C.
  • It has minimal thermal expansion, does not rust and performs flawlessly when it comes in contract with the vast majority of chemical and environmental agents.
  • The color is directly mixed inside the resin blend and glass, becoming a unique body with the finished product.