Plastic sheets, roof lights, frp panels

VETROPLAST rolls - greenhouses

Easy installation and handling make these rolls designed for use as greenhouse roofing as well as side coverings and wall partitions.


The product can be quickly cut to create all the compartments and sections that a modern greenhouse might need. The creation of holes for a future installation of cooling or heating systems as well as of any necessary device is not at all difficult.


Thanks to the wide range of available sizes (rolls can be produced up to 40m length and 4m width),  wall partitions with no interruptions and joints can be easily created. Moreover, the very low thermal linear expansion of our fiberglass allows to install these long pieces without any problem of deformation close to the fixings. Holes shall not be enlarged during installation to allow the sheet movement/dilatation during thermal excursion.

With its high mechanical resistance VETROPLAST is a true barrier against the worst weathering conditions, protects and preserves crops productions.


With its high light transmission performances (90%), VETROPLAST is the best solution to provide best growth conditions to any crop.


VETROPLAST can be produced in flat or corrugated rolls (profile 76/18).