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LUX FIBER BRAVO translucent sheets

LUX FIBER BRAVO translucent sheets


LUX FIBER BRAVO is the most innovative product in our product range, designed to be extremely DURABLE and yellowing resistant.


It is supplied in neutral colour and is a great modern alternative.


Its extreme resistance to ageing and yellowing ensures extraordinary light transmittance features for a very long time (more than 10 years).

Neutral colour sheets can provide 90% of total light transmittance with  80% diffused light.

LUX FIBER BRAVO technology has been developed to satisfy a very strong demand coming from the greenhouse market that was looking for a durable product, resistant in the years to weathering (snow, wind and hail) and able to preserve the light quality provided.

Thanks to these extraordinary values of LUX FIBER BRAVO translucent sheets, growth performance inside the greenhouse is maximized, thus providing a more uniform and distributed light, avoiding shadows and reducing the imbalance between dry and wet areas.

This technology also finds large use in all those environments where light plays an important role to boost industrial production processes. High light diffusion increases visibility, making any working operation easier with a final increase in productivity.

Last but not least, LUX FIBER BRAVO technology improves energy efficiency thanks to the high and constant quantity of light provided, drastically reducing the use of artificial light.