Plastic sheets, roof lights, frp panels


Whatever project you have in mind, Magniplast has the right solution for you.

Thanks to our wide range of products in PRFV, we can meet any need and satisfy any requirements in case of request regarding:

  • covering
  • light transmission
  • durability

We can supply translucent sheets in 400 different shapes, and with the help of our technical team, we can also quickly make new shapes you might have in mind.

We can produce ribbed, curved or corrugated sheets, corrugated rolls and self-supporting curved and corrugated sheets, with radius from 3m to 13m.

Our products are highly appreciated for their incomparable load capacity, especially when compared to thermoplastic products. Thanks to the perfectly distributed fiberglass weave in our sheets, they can sustain heavy loads from snow and wind, making heavy and costly structures unnecessary in order to support cover.

The sheet surfaces can be protected either by Gel- Coat or PET film in adhesion on the product.

Recommended products

The most famous and best selling translucent laminate in the world due to its universally recognized features, it is the unique product that can guarantee the best glass fiber distribution, thanks to the presence of thread.

Thanks to our 50 years of experience in the composites market, Magniplast has refined and perfected its own production technique to create ever more performing products and always more care for the requests coming from the most technical sectors of the market. The culmination of this research can be seen in our TOPACO sheets.

Easy installation and handling makes these rolls especially suited for use as ceilings (or canopies with many of the) on the typical prefabricated structures, found in today's construction sector.

TOPACO opaque sheets - cladding, if you are looking for a lightweight opaque sheet with elevated mechanical properties and exceptional resistance to the most aggressive chemical agents, then TOPACO is right for you!

TOPACO opaque sheets – covering

When the goal is not just to cover but also to add color, Magniplast has the right solution for you!