Plastic sheets, roof lights, frp panels
Plastic sheets, roof lights, frp panels

FILON TRUCK transport laminates

The design of these laminates has been specifically developed to meet the needs of the refrigerated, commercial and industrial vehicle sectors. These laminates are used to clad vehicle panels, walls, ceilings and floors.

High resistance to extreme conditions and the unparalleled surface finishing in terms of brilliance and flatness do represent the best selling points of this material.

High mechanical resistance and specifically impact resistance are also highly appreciated. Hits against wall partitions during transport and/or goods handling for example with forklift are very common in trucks or vans. Thanks to its outstanding flexibility combined with high mechanical resistance ensured by glass reinforcement, FILON TRUCK can absorb even the worst hits without any surface damage.

FILON TRUCK is a very reliable product thanks to the different compositions and surface finishing. It can be produced with a glossy, smooth or embossed surface.

FILON TRUCK in designed to be used in many production processes. The inner laminate surface undergoes a special surface treatment for an excellent adhesion to the most common glues or polyurethane foams, thus simplifying any assembly operation both in continuous and in discontinuous processes.