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TOPACO opaque sheets - cladding


If you are looking for a lightweight opaque sheet with elevated mechanical properties and exceptional resistance to the most aggressive chemical agents, then TOPACO is right for you!


Our TOPACO sheets can be produced in hundreds of different shapes and colours.


TOPACO is a very reliable product. Thanks to its high mechanical resistance it is not afraid of strong winds or violent hail storms. It can ensure a perfect sealing of the facade system for many decades.


Its very low thermal linear expansion allows the production of long sheets without any deformation close to fixings. Holes shall not be enlarged during installation to allow the sheet movement/dilatation during thermal excursion. A single sheet is therefore often enough to clad the whole wall with no joints and interruptions.


TOPACO sheets can be produced with the highest fire retardant performances required by the building market, complying with ASTM E84 class A, EN 13501-1 class B, s3, d0, EN 13501-5 class B roof.


The wide colour range allows the creation of beautiful decorative effects on the facades.

TOPACO sheets are not painted. Colour is added into the whole laminate thickness, thus preventing any visible scratch on the surface when sheets get hit. This is a real plus because pre-painted steel sheets often show this kind of damage. Moreover, the easily get rusty once their surface protection is lost.


TOPACO sheets cannot get rusty!