Plastic sheets, roof lights, frp panels

FILON VITA translucent sheets

Flowers, plants and generally crops can not help but benefit from the quality of light provided by the FILON sheets for greenhouses.

Appreciate across the world, from the sunniest and most arid places, like Saudi Arabia, up to the coldest rainiest areas of Northern Europe, FILON sheets guarantee durability and high level of mechanical resistance, able to withstand even the worst hailstorm and at the same time, providing an unparalleled diffused light.

FILON VITA sheets have special Gel-Coat protection, on both laminate surfaces, able to increase the durability performances.

It is the unique product that can guarantee the best glass fiber distribution, thanks to the presence of thread. Indeed the production process involves the “caging” of the glass fiber, with a thin net of nylon threads, so that distribution of glass is maintained until the final polymerization stage. This process has been patented under the name FILON.